Elephant Ear plants


Years ago I purchased 2 elephant ear plants from a local garden centre. Today I have approximately 20 some odd plants, that have done very well in my pond over the summer. Each fall, I bring them indoors, to allow them to go dormant. I have to move from my house, and local garden centres seem interested in purchasing them. I don’t know what would be a fair price. I have not separated them, as I have in the past, so they appear very healthy with a good root base.  What would you suggest as a ball park price to get per plant. The garden centre could probably double (40) the existing plants by separating them now…Any advise is much appreciated. Thank you


Dear Gardener,

First, congratulations on the apparent success you have had over so many years. Now there are several plants that share the moniker of ‘Elephant Ears’, and a few of the genus’s include: Alocasia, Calocasia, Philodendron and Xanthosoma, all of the Family Araceae  From the plant’s original true stem tuber, new plants sprout along the length of the rhizome. Without an image, I can’t tell exactly which you have, but in any event, they all lend themselves very well to separation, as you have noted.

Toronto Master Gardeners is a non-for-profit organization, and our goal is to help the public with horticultural information, and education, as it relates to plants, but we do not endorse specific retail locations.  Also, we do not sell any plants, or gardening materials, so subsequently, I’m unable to suggest pricing. But I would suggest that you refer to nursery and seed catalogues, as well as call some of your local garden centres, and inquire as to their pricing, to help you arrive at what you consider is fair. The good news seems to be that you will be able to rest assured that your well-tended plants, and their progeny, will be moving to new homes. All the very best.