Elephant ears


How are elephant ears overwintered?


Elephant ear (Colocasia esculenta) is a tropical plant native to Malaysia grown from corms.  In order to overwinter it you need to keep the corms in a dark, cool but not freezing basement, crawl space or garage so that they can go to a state of dormancy just like you would do with Amaryllis, or Canna lilies.

At this time of the year when you see the leaves of these plants have started to turn brown, you can cut the stems to about 15 cm and dig the plant (if in the garden). Remove the extra soil and place the corms in a container with peat moss or sawdust. Allow the container to have ventilation (you can use a clementines wooden box, wine bottle protector sleeves, milk crates, etc). The peat moss or sawdust allows keeping the corm from shriveling. If your Elephant ears are in pots, simply cut the stems and bring the pots to the location sited above.

Once danger of frost has passed in the spring, you can take the pot outside or plant the corms directly in the garden.

Good luck!