Elm Leaf Beetles are eating the little Elm (Ella)


Dear learned and wise folks,
Those blasted Elm Leaf Beetles are eating the little Elm in my little front yard … DAILY I pick them off three or four at a time, I spray the leafs with soap and water – nothing seems to help, the elm grows new leafs and next they are punctured (see sad picture attached).
Can I do something about it? Please say yes and I will. It is a spontaneously growing elm … last year I had the same issue and my wife cut it back to a stump … this Spring she grew back from the stump (the Elm, not the wife) stronger than ever, sprouting branches and leaves from the stump … this will to live, I want to promote and help … so, please, you with talent, skills and experience tell me how to fix this.
Thank you (from me and my Elm … her name is Ella).


It is so great that you want to help Ella, “the little Elm that could!”  Protecting our remaining elms in Toronto, and helping along little seedlings, is an important and worthy goal, so kudos to you.

Below is a link to a previous post and answer about elm-leaf beetle that may help.

Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners, Erny, and the best of luck to you and the tenacious Ella.