Emerald Cedar foliage eaten by deer


We live in Kingston, Ontario and had a very long and cold winter marked by freezing rain and snow. Next door is a conservation area where many deer live. They were lacking sufficient food given the winter condition and ventured to our neighborhood for alternate food sources. They found our 18 foot cedar trees (beautifully healthy after 12 years) and ate all the green foliage up to the 8 foot height ( all they could reach). We removed the remaining debris and have been fertilizing as we have seen some new growth starting to emerge. In time, can we expect to have them regrow the foliage and what time frame should we expect for this to happen?
I have included pictures for your review.
Thank you in advance.



That is quite incredible! How many deer were feeding? I would expect you will continue to see sporadic regrowth but I am doubtful that they  will ever gain enough full new growth to cover all the brown area. Having said that,  continue to give them some extra attention with good mulch and make sure you keep them well watered right up until the frost sets in. Next year at this time you can make a  decision based on the rate and pattern of growth whether to remove/replace them or not. Best of luck!