Emerald Cedars – Colour


Hi there … so glad I found this site.

This spring, we planted 6 Emerald Green Cedars in our back yard in Mississauga.

They all seem to be doing fine but 2 of them (the 2 on the left in photo) seem to have changed colour. They are now a sort of a mossy green and not the original emerald green. The other four are still emerald green.

Can you tell me what might be causing this?

cedars july 2016


The Emerald Cedar is a popular hedging plant in part because of its bright green foliage, which darkens with age.  It is difficult to tell from your photograph whether the foliage is changing for this reason, or whether it is beginning to turn a paler green colour.  If the latter, and if you begin to see yellowing or browning, this is an indication that those particular trees are under stress.  The Toronto Master Gardeners receive many queries about Emerald Cedars, which although popular, sometimes do not thrive for a variety of reasons including inadequate moisture or sunlight, and/or soil quality.

These issues, and how to remedy them, are described in a previous post, which you can read here.  It is still early enough in the summer season that you can provide the irrigation and the soil amendments that your hedge may need, and hopefully these cedars will thrive.