emerald green cedars


We have planted these cedars about three weeks ago, we were told they came in fresh from BC. They are about 2 meters high, they are starting to get brown from the bottom up. Will the recover, is this normal . We have given them plenty of water as instructed. We also use bone meal to plant them.


Three weeks is pretty soon for the plant to start showing signs of stress…so, it is likely that the problem is rooted (no pun intended) in how the cedars were planted.

–  Make sure the planting hole was large enough and that the soil (mixed with compost) is loose to allow for drainage…also when you planted did you check on the drainage in the planting hole by filling the hole with water and seeing how well the water drained away?

–  Were the roots healthy?  1. Did they have an appropriate sized root ball…if the root ball is inadequate the tree suffers transplant shock which can cause browning from the bottom up.  2.   If the cedars were in containers, did you check to make sure that they were not pot bound?  The term pot bound is used to indicate plants that have filled their containers with roots (which causes strangling/girdling of the roots which chokes off the uptake of water and nutrients to the plant.

But if the browning is severe, and you are concerned that the trees will not survive, perhaps the best thing to do at this point is to return the plants to the nursery and get credit.