Endless Summer Hydrangea


The first year I had this plant it bloomed well but each of the next 3 years it has had 1 bloom. The green leaves are prolific but no flowers. I live in Bolton, ON and this plant has good soil, compost and is fertilized in the summer. I do not burlap it in the winter, unfortunately in my area we always seem to have a late spring frost and then a lot of the new growth is killed and I have to cut the plant back and then there are no flowers. Can I prune this large plant back in the fall and then burlap it until the spring frost is over, would this save the flowers?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry. The proper pruning of hydrangeas is one of our most frequently asked questions. Please refer to an  earlier post entilted Hydrangea,Growing,Pruning which gives detailed information on the proper pruning of hydrangeas along with an excellent website which  also offers further general information.