I have my eugenia tree inside for winter, do I keep it trimmed during winter or leave it alone till it’s back outside.


Thank you for your question.

The Toronto Master Gardener website archive has a useful article on general overwintering care for Eugenia plants:

You don’t say whether your plant is a topiary or shaped in a more natural way, but as long as the indoor spot is a good one — plenty of sun — and the plant continues to grow over the winter it would be fine to give it a “light hair cut” when you see the light coloured tips of new growth sticking out.   You can let a natural shape grow for longer than a tightly pruned topiary of course.

If the indoor environment is not so encouraging to continued growth, you may find that the plant goes dormant and takes a bit of a winter rest.  If there is not much growth, then there is no need to prune.  In any case do not prune just before taking it back outside in the spring/summer since that would make it more vulnerable to frost damage.

So observe your eugenia closely over the winter, and you will enjoy this beautiful plant.