Everblooming daylilies


Are everblooming daylilies available in Ontario?


They sure are and there are many of them!

Some daylilies (Hemerocallis) are considered long-blooming perennials. This means that they bloom a second time during a season, when deadheaded following the first bloom. One example is Hemerocallis ‘Siloam Amazing Grace’, which blooms for at least 42 days, from late June to mid July – and is hardy to zone 2. Another is Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’. And still another – Hemerocallis ‘Going Bananas’.  Further examples are provided in Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station’s Daylilies – Happy ever appsters and  Perennial Resource’s Extremely Long Bloomers. Also, landscape ontario has an excellent site on long blooming perennials https://landscapeontario.com/new-perennials-2008—long-bloomers and recommends 2 long blooming daylilies.

Another great resource is the Ontario Daylily Society.  Click here.  This group has detailed newsletters, and also provides a link to the American Hemerocallis Society Online Daylily Database where you can search for information about daylilies.

See also: Long blooming perennials: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide.

Any reputable nursery should carry long-blooming daylilies. You may have a dilemma in choosing among all the available cultivars! Note that we are not permitted to recommend particular vendors.