Evergreen clematis woes


Hi im new to gardening and have soooo many questions. But I guess I’ll start with this one….I live in Victoria bc. I have 3 large cedar 12/12 planters on my west facing deck. The section the planters are on is covered. The middle planter has hunnysuckle, the other 2 have evergreen clamatis with assorted colius and hostas in them to keep the roots cool in the summer. The planter on the north west corner of the deck seems to not be doing so well…growing on latiticethe leaves are not nearly as green as the one on the southwest side. The leaves are not dieing but are brown in color….the leaves feel the same as its counterpart. It did grow during the summer season…but not as much as the other.
Thanks in advance for your help. The plants did not come with a tag so I don’t know what kind it is other than its supposed to get white flowers and it’s evergreen.

Thank you in advance


Well it’s great that you have caught the gardening bug and not uncommon that you would have questions. Regardless of how experienced gardeners are, there is always more to learn.

In regards to your question about the evergreen clematis. I have never grown an evergreen clematis as they are not suitable for the weather in Toronto or our Zone 5 conditions, unlike yours in Victoria. Also it is hard to give you specific growing information when I am not sure of the variety of your clematis. That said, there are some common garden issues that effect plants that you might wish to consider. Clematis often like full sun conditions. Perhaps the planter situated on  the northwest side of the deck is getting less sun than the others? Also it would appear that evergreen clematis don’t like windy conditions so perhaps the windier exposure is the problem or it is drying out this particular pot and the plant needs more water. Evergreen clematis are an enormously vigorous plant and often have dead leaf matter, so perhaps the plant requires pruning throughout the season to stimulate new growth.

I suggest you contact the BC Master Gardener Association who may be more helpful with your local issues. They can be contacted at https://www.mgabc.org/content/victoria

Here is another BC based resource that might provide some information:


Good luck and keep gardening!