Fall cleanup regarding black-eyed Susans


I was wondering if it’s better to cut black eyed susans right down to the ground in the fall or to only cut down, say, up to 6″ or so from the ground. Thanks for any insight that might be provided on this subject.


Dear Gardener,

Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master gardeners.

Cutting back your perennials in the fall or in the spring is a personal choice, however, consider cutting back only those whose foliage has diseases or do not contribute food to birds and insects. Remember that a garden is not only for us to enjoy but there is also an entire ecosystem in nature that benefits from your planting. Also, leaving perennials such as Black-eyed Susan for the winter, add interest to the garden and, protects the crown root of many perennials.

Please refer to one of our guides for more information on putting the garden to bed: Putting the Garden to Bed 

Hope you found this information helpful.