Fall mulch and fertilizer


 what fertilizer and mulch to apply  to a) a garden on ground level, and b) to a roof top garden on the 9th floor.


1. the best mulch for a ground level garden is leaves which would break down of the winter and improve the soil.  However, as she is in an apartment with no heathy source of leaves, a good alternative was composted pine bark, which would also improve the soil, although it would break down more slowly.

2. for mulch for the roof top garden an important criteria was the the mulch be less likely to blow away and to provide some protection for the planters over the winter.  I suggested wood chips, indicating that she could also consider wrapping the planters to provide some insulation.

With respect to fertilizer, I advised  not to be applying fertilizer in the fall to either the ground level or roof top garden, although the mulchs would break down and improve the soil.