Fast growing privacy evergreens.


We recently had neighbor chop down 30 foot tall evergreens along the fence which has completely blighted the view from our property. I need to plant shrubs that will grow to about 15 feet, be fast growing and attractive. We have a fairly clayish soil and the fence faces north. Do you have suggestions? Do you have suggestions for types and what the maximum size for planting you would advise?



The best selections I could find were Thuja occidentalis ‘Nigra’, a variety of White cedar and Ilex crenata ‘ Sky Pencil’ or ‘Sky Pencil’ Holly.

The cedar grows from Zone 3-7 so it would do very well here and grow vigorously.  Ilex crenata ‘ Sky Pencil’ is only Zone 6-8 so it may suffer if not protected for the first three years of its life. However, the holly does grow faster than cedars and if you bought larger plants they would have a head start!

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