Fence support for climbing rose


Hi there,
I planted my first ever rose this past spring. It is thriving and has grown quite a bit in size. It is a climber and I planted it next to a fence but the fence is not easy to tie to, so now that it is starting to flop over I want to build a support for it against the fence. I researched online and am planning to screw vine eyes onto my fence posts at 30 cm intervals from the ground, them string wire horizontally between the wine eyes. My question is, did I but the right hardware made out of durable enough materials (see photo attached)? And do I need to use tensioners or can I forgo this? The staff at the hardware store did not inspire my confidence, and I am now worrying that I might build something that will fall apart later and be tough to replace when the rose is mature.

Thank you!!


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

Unfortunately, your photo did not come through with your question. Even without seeing the hardware you purchased, however, there are a few bits of information about climbing roses that might help. Climbing roses are actually woody shrubs, not vines. You have not identified the variety of rose you bought, but some types will form substantial trunks and branches over time. Your goal should be to ensure that the main structure of the plant is as upright as possible so that the plant itself provides most of the support for the new canes each year, not the wires of your trellis system. The wires and eyes need to be fairly strong, of course, so that they are not pulled away from the fence by the weight of the arching young canes. The following article gives some practical instructions on building a wire trellis for roses:


Best of luck with your project. Enjoy your rose!