Fertilizing New Sod


should I put feriliser on new wet or dry sod


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

You are asking if you should put fertilizer on new wet or dry sod. New sod should not need any fertilizer, whether it is wet or dry.  “Fertilizer is usually not required for 3-4 weeks after laying and should then be applied as for a mature lawn after that.” [See omafra.gov.on.ca reference below]. However, the sod does need moisture to become established.

Your sod should be watered thoroughly at least twice each day until it is established, especially during hot, dry spells (like Toronto is experiencing now). One needs to make sure that the water is reaching the soil so that the roots of the grass have made contact with the soil and are successfully growing into the soil.  Some resources suggest watering at least twice each day for the first week or so. Of course, if it is hot and dry, it may need to be watered more frequently. The sod must be kept moist–do not let it dry out. The number of times one waters is dependent upon the weather. [If the sod is dry, no amount of water or fertilizer will revive it].

The best times to water is early in the morning day and in the late afternoon when there is minimal evaporation. Make sure that the sod stays relatively moist until established.

We hope that your sodded lawn will become successfully established.