Potbound Ficus benjamina


I have a Ficus benjamina that has been with me for 30 years. I noticed that the roots are very tightly bound and can not be penetrated at all. I am wondering if I should repot and also, can I leave the tree outside during the winter.





Ficus benjamina trees can be repotted every 3 years if needed or until they become too large to repot. When repotting use a pot that is slightly larger than the current one. Ensure that there will be proper drainage at the bottom of the pot (I suggest putting a coffee filter over the drainage hole to avoid loosing materials through the draining hole) and fill with indoor potting mix. Place the plant in the middle and fill with the soil mix firming down to eliminate air pockets. Water and finish filling until the soil is levelled with the base.

As a plant is from the tropics, it can not withstand our harsh winter temperatures and therefore needs to be inside. Please be aware that the movement of the plant from one environment to another will cause leaf lost, so it is better to place it in a spot with bright diffused light and away from cold draughts.