Ficus Overwintering


I am a resident of Toronto and am seeking somewhere to store my extremely healthy, 6 foot high ficus benjamina for winter. Customarily I transport the plant indoors for winter, but have recently downsized and cannot accommodate the plant indoors, even with an aggressive pruning. Any thoughts on storage options?


I would suggest putting out an ad for rental space or for the plant to be relocated to an office or home where someone else might enjoy it! A second option would be to call a tropical plant service company. They may be able to store it for you and deliver it to and from your patio every season. The company may use it in other offices or displays over winter and what an adventure the Ficus would have. Wherever your fine Ficus benjamina ends up it should receive the best care over the winter.

Here are some tips for care below:

1. Place in bright indirect light or in a sunny spot with some partial afternoon shade.

2. Water regularly during the growing season and allow the soil to dry out between watering. Do not over water.

3. Reduce watering from fall to late winter.

This plant may be taken outside in spring after last frost date and placed inside in the middle of fall. Prune to shape as needed removing 1/3 of the overall branches at a time for desired shape.