Fiddle Leaf Fig Growing Tips


I’ve researched a lot about Fiddle Leaf Figs and bought one for my living room nook which is west-facing with windows on the north & south side also). Our house is a corner lot with LOTS of filtered & direct light (with ample windows on the West / North & East sides of the building).
I’ve been following the watering advice (watering sparingly, making sure that the soil is lightly moist 1″+ below surface in a well-draining pot with tropical planting medium).
My challenge is that my fig looks healthy for the most part, but is dropping leaves that seem to almost turn brown overnight and fall off.
I’ve kept it away from any drafts and really want this plant to thrive.
Any tips? or thoughts based on experience with these plants?

I have the option to move it to my office which has south/east & north facing windows, but is also an entry point for the house with a sliding door which lets in chilly air in the winter months when we enter/leave the house.

Any pro-tips to make this fig tree succeed? I’m not certain if these browning leaves are just normal lifecycle *or* if they are a sign of worse things to come. in the last 4 days I’ve picked up 6-7 leaves that have dropped.


Sounds to me like you are taking really good care of your Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata). The Fiddle Leaf Fig is native to the tropical rainforests of western Africa and trying to reproduce the conditions it prefers is no easy task. The plant is also very sensitive to losing leaves and may do so for a number of reasons: too much water and drafts caused by adjacent windows, doors or air conditioning are the major factors causing leaf drop.

Watch that your plant is not receiving any direct sunlight but otherwise you are doing all the right things. As your Fiddle Leaf Fig looks otherwise healthy, I expect it is reacting to the stress of the lower light levels and lower humidity of the fall season. I have houseplants that routinely drop leaves in the late fall but remain otherwise healthy. Keep any eye on your plant but expect it will soon adapt to these new conditions.