Fiddle leaf fig plant


I bought a fiddle leaf fig plant and didn’t realize that the top leaf was broken off until I got it home. What should I do with the broken main stem? Will it still grow?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants, so they can be challenging to grow as house plants.

First off, make sure your plant has proper care- bright, filtered light, water, feeding, quality potting soil. Here are detailed care instructions.

Fiddle leaf fig care

You do not say how many leaves remain on the plant. Assuming there are a number of leaves still remaining, the plant should continue to thrive with good care.

Think of this broken leaf as a form of pruning. I would use sterile pruners to make a clean cut to the broken stem just above the first leaf/stem below the break. The plant should re-establish two new leaders.

For more detailed information on pruning fiddle leaf figs, check out this website:

Fiddle leaf fig pruning

Good luck with your fiddle leaf fig.