Fig trees


I have a mission fig planted in a container that has been wintered over 2 years in dormancy indoors. In summer it sits out in south sun. Unfortunately it has not fruited. What are the optimal conditions for it & is there anything I can do to encourage fruit formation



I am sure you are drooling over the thought of fresh figs. You are doing most things right by the sounds of it with putting it in the sun and bringing it indoors for the winter as they do not survive in our Zone 6 ( Toronto). You speak of dormancy and I wonder if this is cool and dark?

Fig trees sometimes take a long time to bear fruit, they need to reach maturity so require us to have patience. When they come in to our dry warm homes in the winter there might be some confusion. Is there somewhere where they can be cold for a while?Cellar or attached garage.

In the summer they need frequent watering especially in this very hot weather. In the winter, water very little.

Are you fertilizing it with a number in the middle that is higher? The first number is Nitrogen and it produces more leaves than fruit.

Figs can take having its roots a bit bound but should you be moving the tree to a larger pot to allow the roots to grow as well as the branches.

Do you ever prune the tree? Winter is the best time as the fruit grows on old wood. If you cut it in the summer you delay fruit production.

Like us, trees like to have good air circulation and need the light to filter thru the branches.

We are not the zone that fig trees grow in naturally so don’t set your expectations too high for abundant fruit.