Finding the Cleopatra Canna Lily


Where can I buy cleopatra canna lily rhizome/bulb or plant? I’m willing to buy it in greater Toronto area or online


Dear gardener,

Thank you so much for posing this question to the Toronto Master Gardeners. Unfortunately, we do not recommend retail outlets for plants. But may I suggest that you do a quick online search on ‘Cleopatra’ canna lilies, and you will find a large number of nurseries that sell this very gorgeous species of canna lilies. The ‘Cleopatra’ cultivar has been around for over a century, so you should not have any difficulty ordering rhizomes. I noticed that some are on sale at the moment.

And once you have gone to the trouble of finding, buying and growing the ‘Cleopatra’, after we have had our first frost in fall, dig up the rhizomes, rinse them off and dry them well, and store them in a cool, dark spot for next year. I start my canna lilies in my south-facing window in early February. I plant them out in late May, and by that time they are tall and well established plants ready to make a beautiful display.

May 3, 2021