First blooming wildflower in spring


What is the first blooming wild flower in the spring, in Toronto?


This question has given us a lot of difficulty. There doesn’t seem to be a specific “first” blooming flower as a lot will depend on the site characteristics (sun, shade, sheltering from winds, soil to name a few). A few suggestions as to what might appear first in your garden might be hepatica,aconite, blue-eyed grass, violets, trillium or foamflower. Evergreen has a website where you can search plants by blooming month. When Ontario and March is put into their search criteria, 20 plants (some of which are trees or shrubs) appear. If you are interested you can check this link.  Ontario Wildflowers website list spring flowering plants but lists them alphabetically not sequentially. If you would like another good site related to wildflowers try Wild Flowers of Ontario.