Flower Identification


Hi…could you please help me identify this flower. Just sent a close up of the flower; this image is of whole plant. It was growing in a field on a farm near Erin, Ontario. There had been a cut flower garden close by a few years previously, so maybe it came from that??




Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Having the 2 pictures is very helpful as we can see the flower structure and the plant shape and size.

I believe this is a Verbascum possibly a variety known as pink kisses. It is a common plant worldwide with many different species and hybrids and was introduced to North America for medicinal reasons.  It is either biennial or perennial depending on which you have.

It grows in gravely soils on road sides and in meadows. Many of these plants have yellow flowers but some varieties do have the pink flowers.

For further reading see link below.