flower Plant ID


Today I took this picture at edward’s gardens and I cannot find the exact identity. Can you help me?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. When I saw your picture, I thought this might be a dahlia. Since you said you had seen this flower at Edward’s Gardens, I went to their website, and one of their trial gardens has many different varieties of dahlias. Specifically, I think the one in your picture might be Dahlia hybrida ‘Dalaya Purple and White’. I can’t be sure without a clearer picture that includes the leaves. By all means send us another picture if you would like us to take another look.

Here is a link to the Toronto Botanical Garden (Edward’s Garden is adjacent to the TBG) that has information about the plants in their Trial Gardens 2021. The dahlias are in the fifth garden.

TBG Trial Garden 2021 Planting Plan