Flowering buds on Pear tree



My pear tree has started to flower again!! Should I leave the blossoms on or just cut them off?


[I lost most of the blossoms when we had the frost in April. The few pears which did grow were eaten by the squirrels.]

I am sorry but I only have a lttle camera and with the rain I cannot get a good picture.

Thanks in advance.




With weather variations, trees get confused and strange phenomenon like this occurs. Although not common, they are possible. At this time of the year, fruit trees have already formed their flower buds for the following year and these lay dormant in the branches. Sometimes what happens is that if the weather gets cold and warm again, the tree it’s tricked to think it is spring.

Now, I know we have not had a cold period yet, but we did have drought. Did you find that it got very stressed during the summer drought and lose some leaves? I have seen oaks that lost all their leaves this July, just to start producing them again at the end of August.

I think your tree, like many, was quite stressed with this year’s drought (dry winter, warm spring, then frost, then dry spring and extremely dry summer). As a survival response, it is spending energy producing flowers (which normally would become fruits and have seeds) to ensure future offsprings.

Blooming at this time also means that you will bear fewer fruits next year. Although no damaging to your tree, I would suggest you exam it to ensure the stress has not attracted insects or diseases that would further weaken it.

Hope you find this information helpful.