Flowering crab apple- Canada’s Centennial tree


I want to find a Malus X Adstringens “Almey” which was Canada’s Centennial tree.
I hope that one of your members may have one on their property or know where there is one that has survived since 1967.
My hope is to be allowed to root 3-4 cuttings for transplanting as a memorial to my sister.


Thanks for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

What a wonderful idea to plant a tree in memory of your sister.  Are you related to the horticulturalist that cultivated the Almey?

You have already decided on the crab apple tree you want but sourcing it may be the issue since many of the older cultivars are no longer propagated.

The Toronto Master Gardeners do not make specific vendor recommendations, however feel free to check out https://landscapeontario.com/   and search for “Retail Garden Centres”  in your area. They would also be able to advise  if they can source the Malus X Adstringens “Almey” for you or suggest a current cultivar with many of the same traits and that would be a great substitute. Many of the new cultivars have good disease resistance.

If you are determined to plant this particular cultivar, you might need to contact various botanical gardens or the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa and ask them for recommendations of suppliers of reliable tree stock that might have this particular cultivar.

The web site for the Central Experimental Farm is:


We trust that once you find and plant the crab apple tree, it will thrive and provide many memories of your sister.

May 10, 2022