flowering tree identification – Plant ID


Hello, I’ve been trying to identify the small flowering tree I have in my backyard, but have had no success. I wonder if you could help.
I’m attaching a series of photos, and can add that I’ve never actually seen any fruit on this tree or on the ground.
Thanks very much for your help with this! Much appreciated.



I’m sorry I haven’t been able to come up with a definitive ID for this plant. You said above that you were attaching a series of photos but we only got one photo. This photo was out of focus and we really need close ups of the flower and the leaves and how they are arranged on the stem. It would also be helpful to know if this tree is flowering right now and if it has one stem or is multi-stemmed (more like a large shrub).

I showed your picture to other Master Gardeners and got a variety of suggestions: quince, azalea, deutzia, flowering cherry, ornamental crabapple, small leafed lepidote rhododendron, weigela wine and roses. Some of these would seem to indicate fruits but ornamental fruit trees don’t always produce fruit.

If you wish, you can submit your query again, with clearer photo(s) and more information. I mentioned some details that would be helpful above. The ASK website will also give you some additional ideas of information about that would help make a definitive identification. There are also phone apps that can help with identification such as inaturalist and picture this.