Frangipani tree has bugs; will cutting it back affect blooming next year


There are bugs on my Frangipani tree and I’m cutting off the tips with a knife to get rid of them.  Having done this, will I get blooms this coming year?


The Frangipani plant (also known as Plumeria) is best cut back in late winter or early spring.  Having said that, you should be aware that blooms appear only at the end of branches that are 2 years old.  Pruning branches to one-half or one-third their natural length would be advised.   In order to have blooms each year, consider pruning one-half one year, and the other half the next year.   I would suggest not pruning now, but follow recommendations for pruning one half only, in late winter or early spring.

Bugs such as spider mites, white flies and mealybugs can be knocked off the plant with a good vigorous spray of water or if they persist, use either an insecticidal soap spray or horticultural oil spray, carefully following the instructions on the container.

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