Fritallaria meagris


MY Fritallaria have produced big seed pods this year. Can I propagate from these seeds here in Toronto?


Yes, you can but it could take a long time. According to the Pacific Horticulture Society “The best time to sow Fritillaria seed is in mid- to late fall. Sow thinly, cover the large, flat seeds with a quarter-inch of fine grit, and keep them in a cool, well-lit place, protected from predators and watered moderately. Germination will take place at various times during fall and winter, depending on the species… The young seedlings will become dormant sometime in summer. Place the pots in a cool spot and cover them (a sheet of Styrofoam works well) to prevent them from drying out completely. You can keep the seedlings in their pots for another year’s growth, or you can pick out the little bulbs, which resemble tiny pearls, and plant them about an inch deep in a larger pot. At this stage, you do not need to worry about which side goes up— they’ll deal with it. – For more in-depth information see