Front entrance garden


I am trying to find a flower, ground cover (not shrub) to grow at my front entrance.  I live in a very treed area and although the garden faces west there is limited sunlight.  The soil is very sandy and the garden is on an incline.  I live in St. lazare, Quebec and I believe in zone 4.  Currently, there is an evergreen bush there but it gets covered in snow in the winter and looks very terrible in the spring.
A low growing, maintenance free perrenial sounds good to me!!  Any suggestions??


Groundcovers are a fantastic solution for sloping areas as they are lower maintenance, will hold the soil in place, and can grow better than grass under limited light conditions.  Keep in mind that, at the end of the winter many plants suffer and are injured from snow accumulation, winter winds and road salts, and can look a bit sad.  Fortunately most recover right away as the weather conditions improve.

As long as your property is not adjacent to a natural area, you can plant many of the suggestions in the following Gardening Guides:

Hope you find this information valuable.  Happy gardening!