Fruit trees


Trees. Apple, pear, cherry, zone7a I believe, Full sun.
Toronto. I have good topsoil about 24” to 6-12” of a light clay then loose rock and gravel.

Mostly trying to find more information on self pollinating vs pollinator partners.
How much space each tree should have?
A good place to purchase the trees that’s not a big box store.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

There is much to consider when planning to plant fruit trees, whether in an orchard or in a home garden to ensure that your trees will flourish and bear fruit : site location, soil conditions, planting time, pruning, pollination needs of your chosen fruit trees.

Our website has a wealth of knowledge concerning planting and growing requirements of fruit trees. The following links provide answers to your question along with useful resources:

Fruit Trees are not producing, Planting Fruit treesFertilizing Fruit Trees

This link will give additional information from our archived questions.


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