Fruiting Cherry Trees


I’d like information on fruiting cherry trees – what varieties are recommended for fruit production in home gardens.



There are two categories of fruiting cherry trees: sour and sweet.

Sour Cherry

All sour cherries are self-fruitful which means they will set fruit with their own pollen.  Montmorency is a variety recommended for Ontario home gardens.  It is a very old standard variety.  The fruit is red with a yellow flesh.  The tree reaches 4.5 m at maturity with a spreading habit.  The fruit ripens mid to late June.

Sweet Cherry

Only some sweet cherries are self-fruitful.  Others must be cross-pollinated with pollen from another pollinator.  Self-fruitful sweet cherry varieties are: Stella, Vandalay and Tehranivee.  The Stella variety has large dark red fruit on vigorous, large trees (to 9 m).  The fruit ripens gate June-early July.  The Vandalay and Tehranovee varieties are both hybrids developed at the University of Guelph with Stella as one of the parents.   General Information on growing fruit trees in home gardens can be found on the web site of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food at the link below: