Fun plants for children to grow


I have grandchildren 2-5 years of age. Other than plants that attract butterflies (milkweed), are there any particular plants that are fun for children 2-5 years, to grow outdoors and indoors? Thanks for your help.


Thank you for your question.    Our group has provided presentations on “Gardening with Children” in the past and I will include some of this content.

You might want to consider giving each child their own little garden space, using something as simple as a container, a  raised bed or a section in the ground.  Choose an area that has good soil and light and keep the area small.  You might consider using an old sandbox that the children no longer play in.

Consider plants that are relatively easy to grow, have short growing seasons, and are fun to harvest such as:

Cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, beets, lettuce and vegetables such as radishes and bush beans.

Sunflowers, Zinnias or Nasturtiums.

Other fun ideas or garden themes might include a fairy garden or a “senses” garden with fuzzy lambs’ ears or mint.

Add to the fun by introducing them to the helpful bugs like other pollinators or ladybugs as well as other insect pests.

You might also consider microgreens, herbs, spider plant or aloe vera to grow indoors as another way to get them interested in growing.

Have a wonderful time “growing” with your grandchildren.


March 24, 2021