garden apps to identify plants



Last year at one of your gardens during the garden tour, a volunteer placed a leaf of a plant against her cell phone to identify the plant. She told the group that she has an app that can search its database based on the leaf. Please advise me of the name of this app or where I can look for it. I have too many unknown plants in my garden!


Maybe the “app” you are thinking about is called Leafsnap.

“The Smithsonian Institution, Columbia University and the University of Maryland have pooled their expertise to create the world’s first plant identification mobile app using visual search—Leafsnap. This electronic field guide allows users to identify tree species simply by taking a photograph of the tree’s leaves. In addition to the species name, Leafsnap provides high-resolution photographs and information about the tree’s flowers, fruit, seeds and bark—giving the user a comprehensive understanding of the species.”