Gardening supplies*


Every year I grow vegetables in my backyard. I would much appreciate if you could provide some information from where should I buy cheaper soil and eventually seeds. The big stores( Home Depot, Lowe’s) sell but I found everything is very pricey.
Thank you.


While Toronto Master Gardeners does not recommend particular retail outlets, you might check online for companies which deliver soil.  If you buy soil in bulk, it is typically less expensive that buying in small qualities.  You might also consider attending Canada Blooms (now on at the CNE until March 20).  There are often vendors, including those which sell soil and mulch, offering show deals.  Finally, you should not have to buy soil each year; you can add to and improve your existing vegetable garden soil with compost which you make yourself and/or pick up free from several sites around the city.

As far as seed goes, prices may be cheaper at larger garden centres or from one line seed companies. You may also get seeds more cheaply or even for free at Seedy Saturdays.  Here is a link to an article by Toronto Seed Library on Seedy Saturdays in the Toronto area this spring: