Garlic chives??


This week in my organics order I received a bunch of garlic chives. I recognized them as being very similar to a clump of greens in my garden. I am wondering if the clump is in fact garlic chives. Can you positively identify them? I understand there are other plants just like them that are poisonous. I will attempt to attach a photo. They look broken off because I had just tried to pull them out thinking that they were a weed.


Thank you for sending your garden question to Toronto Master Gardeners.

It is quite difficult to properly identify as the tops are broken off and it is not currently blooming. My recommendation is to break a piece, smell it and see if it smells like garlic or onions.  If it does not and it was growing in the lawn or sparsely,  it is probably not edible.  However,  if it does have the odour of garlic or onion, and you found it growing in the herb garden, it is likely an edible Allium (the garlic and onion genus).

I would not eat it yet. Leave it for a few weeks and see how it develops.  At that time there should be a flower or some scapes to help us all identify it.

We look forward to hearing from you in  a few weeks.