Genie magnolia


We ae smitten with the Genie magnolia although we haven’t yet committed ourselves to one. Our neighbour has a senior, huge, Sauce magnolia and In our garden we have 4 various smaller magnolia and all are doing well. Our neighbour to the other side has a Butterfly one and it too is happy. We are situated near Lake Ontario and our south facing lot can be quite windy, as is all of Cobourg. I think we are a zone 5a, as Japanese maples seem to like it here too. Is it worth a try to adopt this gem of a tree? Would it require some windbreak protection?

Thank you for your assistance.


Magnolia ‘Genie’ is a hybrid with an upright pyramidal structure that ĺproduces tulip-shaped, reddish-purple flowers that emerge before foliage in spring.  Genie is hardy to Zone 5 so it should be suitable to your location.  However, it should be sheltered from winds that can damage the delicate flowers and branches, so a windbreak would be a good idea. Genie prefers moist, but well-drained soil that is neutral to acidic.  It will tolerate partial shade, but flowering may be reduced.

You can find some great advice for planting and care for blooming deciduous trees in this Toronto Master Gardeners Gardening Guide, and as well as this guide from the Magnolia Society.