Germination of Tiger Nuts


How do I germinate tiger nuts and can they be grown hydroponically? Saw a Toronto Botanical Garden video on You tube  in which Paul Zammit discussed growing Tiger Nuts, as part of a world plants series.


Tiger nuts (cyperus esculentus) is an ancient food crop which is a member of the sedge family and is not widely growth in North America.  It is actually a  tuber, and not a nut.  The plant is not frost hardy hardy so will not over winter in Ontario and should be planted after the last frost date.  Tiger nuts are not difficult to grow, although you might soak the tuber for 24 hours before planting.  They should be planted 1 – 2 inches ( 2.5 – 5 centimeters) deep, and about 12 inches (30 centimeters) apart.  Fertile soil would be best and the plants should be kept moist as they like wet feet.  You should be able to grow tiger nuts hydroponically;  because they are a tuber a system which utilizes a growth medium may be more successful.

Check the following site on seed growing in Eastern Canada for more information on Chufa (another name for tiger nuts)

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