Getting my hydrangeas to flower not just leaf


I have many different types of hydrangeas. The two “twist and shout” and 4 Endless Summer” ones are supposed to flower on new growth. However the flowers are healthy bushy with leaves but practically no flowers at all! I used chicken manure, Miracle acid loving plant Diluted in water (9–18-9) as well as sprinkling miracle grow to make flowers bloom in the soil around each plant. Some of the hydrangeas are getting at least six hours of sun a day while others are in part shade. I also purchased the in”incrediball” variety and invincible ruby for this year. No flowers! I added 3 in one soil and compost around them. I am at my wits end. Any suggestions?
I did not send pictures because they are all healthy with lots of leaves. Please help me.


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  It’s certainly disappointing when you have healthy hydrangeas that are not blooming.  There are several reasons why hydrangeas don’t bloom.  In this instance some of the reasons include:

  • Using fertilizers with too much nitrogen fertilizer; two of the fertilizers you used (chicken manure and miracle gro) have a higher ratio of nitrogen. The Miracle acid loving plant diluted in water (9–18-9) with its higher ratio of phosphorous is the best choice for flowering.  Another option is using bone meal.  Next year try using a little less fertilizer but continue to amend the soil as hydrangeas grow best in a sandy loam soil.
  • There was a late frost in May and it’s possible that the buds on your plants were damaged.
  • The age of your shrubs may also be factor.  You mentioned that you just bought an incrediball hydrangea this year.  Some hydrangeas need at least three years to start blooming.

For more information for the care of hydrangeas please see the following websites:

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Good luck with your hydrangeas.