Globe Cedars



I live in Toronto.

I planted 2 globe cedars in my front yard. I have a Norway maple in this front yard also, about 14 ft away from the cedars.

I am wondering if there is a way to control over the years, how large the cedars get? I thought they may stay small (so they don’t block my basement window behind them) however, I’m beginning to think that over the years they may get too large, even with pruning.



You can control the size of  your globe cedars (thuja occidentalis) through judicious pruning each year, although you should let some of the new growth remain.  The ultimate size of your trees depends on which  variety you have.  Globe cedars, as distinct from columnar cedars are typically as high as they are wide.  They range in growth potential from the larger  ‘Woodwardii’ which can reach 4-8 feet and 10 feet wide, to varieties such as Rheingold,” “Fire Chief,”  and “Little Giant” which all become approximately 2-4 feet high and wide, and  the smallest dwarf globes such as “Danica” , “Teddy” and “Mr. Bowling Ball” , which will only get from 1-2 feet high and wide.   In any case, you can start trimming your cedars each year before the trees reach their mature height and width.  Pruning of your globe cedars should be done in late winter/early spring before new growth appears.  When you pruning you should always leave some new growth on the stem to ensure that buds will continue to develop.  If your trees are continually growing beyond your desired height, you might replace them with a more dwarf variety. 

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