Grape Vine Type


Our old neighbors grew grape vines for over 40 years. They had them properly structured and took great care of them. They moved out 2 years ago due to their old age.
The house is now rented out and is not well maintained.
The new tenant appears to have 2 vines growing on our fence. We have asked that they remove it and plant somewhere else. However they claim it is a ‘special grape vine’ and cannot be moved.

Is anyone able to tell me what kind of grape vine it is so I can work with them on moving it off/away from my fence?

I am actually thinking it is a vine from the old neighbors in which case I would be willing to buy them a new one I’m case during transplant one is distroyed.

Best pic I have is attached.
There are no grapes growing from what I can see.

Thanks for you time,


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

It is always disappointing when caring, responsible neighbours move away. Although it would be nice to call your current neighbour’s bluff of it being special, identifying a grape variety from leaves is a difficult task. Commercial growers would have the option of submitting leaves for DNA analysis or using a combination of shoot tips, leaves and fruit.

Your municipality may have bylaws in place to help resolving the question you have raised about plants growing on a shared fence.

Good luck.