Grapes tree/vine


Hello, we have a tree that borders a swamp near the Peterborough area. There is a tree approx 20 ft high and then vines that run along a fence line. Are these grapes edible? Have other photos if you want to see them.



Identifying wild grapes

Thank you for your question. The picture you have sent is of Vitus riparia, one of three species of wild grapes found in southern Ontario. It is edible and makes good jelly. Wild grape should not be confused with moonseed vine, which is poisonous. Moonseed vine has no tendrils, the margins of the leaves are smooth not toothed and the seed is crescent-shaped. It could also be confused with Virginia Creeper, which is not poisonous but not good to eat either. See above for a more complete answer to this question, previously given by Toronto Master Gardeners.