ground cover- yellow flower – in spring


Do you know any ground cover which gives yellow flowers (not leaves) in the spring (same time like the Phlox). Something similar to sedum yellow gold, but bloom in Spring. Thank you very much.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Spring cinquefoil (Potentilla neumanniana ‘Nana‘) is a vigourous mat forming perennial which posseses palmate shaped leaves and produces butter-yellow flowers in April-May. This groundcover does best in full sun in sandy-loamy moist but well-drained soil. As beautiful as this groundcover is, I must caution you that unless it is confined to a fixed space it will take over your garden. I have some planted inbetween large flagstones in a walkway. The stones keep it in check and it puts on a spectacular display when flowering together with purple moss phlox.