Groundcover alternative to Periwinkle


Can you give me some suggestions for hardy  ground covers as alternatives for a patch of  periwinkle, ideally with flowers. My periwinkle did not survive the winter.


There are a number of alternative ground covers to periwinkle which you could consider for your garden and many of these plants have both flowers in the spring or summer and berries in the fall and winter.  The Ontario Invasive Plants Council has published a guide “Grow Me Instead; Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for your Garden” which provides details of many alternatives available, including their preferred growing conditions, size and shape, flower and fruit and a photo.  Click here.

For sunny gardens, consider wild strawberry (they produce small edible berries) or bearberry (perhaps the most similar to periwinkle). For shady areas choices include wild ginger, winter green, bunchberry and running euonymus.  Some of the plants which will grown in the shade will also thrive in sunny conditions if the ground is kept moist.

Here is a link to a previous Toronto Master Gardener question/response on alternatives to periwinkle: