Groundcover to replace shady lawn


I have been struggling to maintain my shady lawn, which is overrun by small plants with heart shaped leaves and little blue flowers that are a bit like Johnny Jump Ups. I guess they are weeds but are rather pretty!There are also patches of small plants with shamrock type leaves and small white flowers.

What can I plant to replace the lawn that will not need moving and will not cost the earth? The space is about 14 feet square.



I must say I chuckled when I got your message. What you are describing is the native violet, which is, indeed, a pretty little plant and which many people plant to replace their lawns. They also purchase the seed for White Clover, which is the other plant you are describing!

So don’t dig out the violets or clover; let them spread. And if you want to hasten the spread of the clover, you can purchase Dutch White Clover seed and overseed the existing grass with it early this fall or in the spring.

All you will need to do is make sure you have a good edge between the lawn and the flower beds to keep the lawn from encroaching on them. Then you can sit back and enjoy the development of your easy care and very pretty natural lawn!