Groundcover Under a Japanese Maple


I have a gorgeous Japanese Maple tree. Underneath, to discourage weeds, I have planted ground cover which is doing well. Should I have done this – is it a detriment to the tree? If so, should I just put mulch there instead?


Hello, Your Japanese Maple should do just fine surrounded by a groundcover.  Japanese maples, like other maples have a shallow root system so benefit from a layer of mulch to help retain moisture.  Think of your groundcover as a living mulch.  I’m glad to hear that your groundcover is doing well as the dry, shade beneath a maple can be problematic.  If your groundcover is not yet well established, you may need to water regularly during the hot summer months.  If you’d like to read more about caring for Japanese maples, I’ve included below a link to our guide ‘Growing Japanese Maples’.