Growing native primulas


I have grown Primula laurentiana and Primula mistassinica from seed and have several plants of both to locate in my garden. This is where I need help. Are their pH requirements about the same? How much sun exposure and need information on the wet(land) code. Thanks for any info you can provide.


How pleased you must be as both these native species are rare in the wild, difficult to cultivate and lovely.

Primula laurentiana is native to cliffs, ledges and meadows, mainly limestone or basalt in most of Eastern Canada and Maine.  I suggest you locate it in a sunny area of your garden, with rich soil, good drainage which never becomes too dry and a high ph (7 or greater). Primula laurentiana is classified as a faculative plant habitat type and is found in both wetland and non wetland areas.  Wetland code is FAC. This plant will grow well in wet and dry soils.

Primula mistassinica is also native to the north eastern US and Eastern Canada. However, it  is more likely to be found along the banks of rivers.  I suggest that you locate it is a cool, shady  and damp part of your garden which gets some sun.  The soil should be rich in organic matter and  also have a high ph.  Primula mistassinica is classified as a faculative wetland plant type and is usually found in wetland (67 to 99%) and occasionally found in non wetland areas.  Wetland code is FACW. This plant prefers a wetter soil.