Growing agapanthus


Is it practical to grow agapanthus in Toronto area, either using a hardy species or by wintering it indoors?


Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile is a beautiful plant that enhances any outdoor pot the entire summer. However, given our climate in Toronto some care needs to be taken in winterizing them. If you purchase them next spring, make sure you plant them in a pot and not in the garden. This will allow you to take the pot indoor in the winter at the first sign of frost. You can put the pot in an unheated garage. Next spring around the beginning of May, you can take the pot outside and place it in a sheltered area so that it can be acclimatized. Cut off any dead leaves, water when the soil dries out and fertilize to encourage bloom. Please note that it seems that Agapanthus bloom better when they are pot bound, therefore, do not repot the first year. Once you see new green leaves appearing, you can place the pot in a sunny location.

Please keep in mind that overwintering tender bulbs/rhizomes/tubers/corms is sometimes a lot of trial and error as each winter is different and unpredictable.