Growing indoor miniature roses: humidity


I probably didn’t choose the best plant for a valentine’s gift during winter, by purchasing half a dozen miniature roses from a big box grocery store.

Can they survive if I keep them misted by hand, and near a window, in Toronto?

Is there any low-maintenance way to keep them humid, since I understand they need about 50% humidity? What part of the plant needs this moisture? I think I can figure out some way to get water dripping on the plant continuously, short of using a humidifier, but would that be healthy for it?

I place them in the sink now, and near the kitchen window during the day.

Maybe it’s a good rehearsal for attentiveness for the coming season of gardening.











Your purchase of the miniature roses (R. chinensis ‘Minima’ hybrids) was a lovely gesture; I am sure it was appreciated.

Now you have them a little care is required as they will struggle to flourish in an average room.  Your miniature roses need abundant light, cool airy conditions, high humidity (as you correctly surmised)  and plenty of water. Find a location which has maximum light : a sunny windowsill (south or west facing) is ideal. In the short -day months extra light will be needed so if possible place the pot near a florescent lamp at night (or use grow lights). Water liberally, allowing to dry out between waterings.

To assist with air humidity (needed by the foliage) a relatively low maintenance approach would be to stand the pot on a pebble tray. This should be 2 inches high and can be made of any waterproof material. Place 1 inch of gravel in the bottom of the tray and keep the bottom of this layer wet at all times. The water level should  not be allowed to cover the top of the gravel.If you have a shelf above a heat source this is the ideal location for a pebble tray.  As a minimum you will need to remember to mist the leaves frequently. When buds start to form, feed the plant with a liquid fertilizer every seven to ten days.  Be sure to remove faded blooms to prolong the flowering season. If you have a cat keep an eye on your pet as some cats love nibbling on the rose buds!

For more information, particularly on growing your roses under lights. you may wish to consult:

Growing Minature Roses Indoors

I hope you enjoy your beautiful miniature roses for many years to come.