Growing Ivy


I live in Prince Edward Island and for the last few years I have been trying to grow English Ivy…I bring clippings home from my sister’s in Nova Scotia.I start them in water until they have lots of roots…put them in potting soil until they are hardy soon as I put them in the spot where I want them they die off…is it impossible to grow Ivy here ? Thanks.




Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Here in Ontario English Ivy, Hedera sp. is considered an invasive plant and people are not encouraged to introduce it to their gardens. I have not been able to find information linked directly with PEI and Ivy. The climate in your area is very different from what we have here in Ontario.

For information specific to your area, contacting the Atlantic Master Gardeners would be your best bet. I have included a link below to their site where you can ask questions.

It may help to also describe how you want to use this plant. Do you want to use it as a climber or as a ground cover? Does the site have full sun or shade? What is the soil like in that spot? This group should be able to give you options that will work in your circumstances.

Just a note about transporting plants. Bringing plants from one area to a very different area- so Nova Scotia to PEI- you could unwittingly be transporting insects and/or pathogens and introducing them in your area. This can lead to out breaks of new invasives to your area. You are better off purchasing your plants locally.

If you are looking at using it as a ground cover here is a site that outlines good choices for your area.